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4 Year Integrated Classroom Course

This course  is for students of class IX who are beginning their journey towards NEET, AIIMS,  JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCE and other Medical/Engineering entrance exam. This course provides ore time for mastering advanced concepts and problems, which are a must for success in NEET, AIIMS, JEE MAIN, JEE ADVANCE . Krishna Institute's new approach has been brought forward to provide the concrete base for students who wish to aspire for lucrative profession of a Doctor/Engineer. The syllabus of class IX and X is considered as the base for all the advanced studies. All the concepts and fundamentals are taught in class IX and X itself. So it is backbone of advanced studies at one hand and foundation for preparation on the other.

Eligibility                               :              IX Studying

Commencement                 :              After VIII class Annual Exam

Duration                               :              4 year

Schedule                               :             Saturday and Sunday

Subject Taught                    :             Maths,Science,English & Social Science

Course structure

• The first year works on building the basic foundation in core concepts and fundamentals in science and Maths required for success in NEET, AIIMS, JEE Main, JEE Advance and other Medical/Engineering entrance exams. Additionally we will be working on developing the analytical and reasoning ability of the students, which plays a critical role in attaining success in competitive examinations. Specialized focus and classes will be conducted for exams like NTSE, Olympiad and KVPY, for boosting confidence and achieving success.

• In the second year, the students will move to our 3 Year Course, which will further strengthen the fundamental concepts and would also introduce the primary concepts of Medical/Engineering entrance preparation .This well spaced course structure helps the student to approach the exams in a stress free manner and improves the probability of scoring better.

• In the third and fourth year, the student will move to our flagship 2 year course - comprising of Phase 1 (Class XI), Phase 2 (Class XII) and the final step (The revision Course).

• Students will be tested at regular intervals through 3 Hour Review Tests, Test Series, Online Chapter Tests etc to judge the understanding of the concepts.



Course advantage

• An early START is an early END. You will finish your course for the Medical/Engineering entrance exams early .this will leave you with plenty of time to go through the various patterns and combinations of questions asked in the examination. Knowing the concepts and fundamentals is one thing, but then putting them to use while solving the questions, which typically will be very complex in exams like NEET, AIIMS , JEE Main & JEE Advance, is an art which has to be mastered. Early start gives us that precious time to master this forte.

• The course would allow you to see the various exams and understand the testing patterns of competitive exams. An early start enables you to practice more questions and would enhance your comfort level in various Medical/Engineering entrance exams.

•  You would be able to spread the entire course over a linger duration, thereby having more time for detailed and deeper understanding of the concepts. All this would help you in effective and efficient utilization of time.

• It also provide opportunities for additional learning and exam avenues like NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY and other prestigious examination


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