Krishna Institute
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Message From Chairman And Managing Director

Prashob Chandran

Chairman And Managing Director


Students generally find themselves in the ocean of confusion and dilemma when it comes to preparing for any exam.There are few things to keep in mind though.

You must understand the fact that NEET UG is not just a rest of money but a test of concept.



So,practice and then practice some more and that is how you'll ace physics,organic and physical chemistry.

Subjects like biology and inorganic chemistry are memory oriented, so read and then read once more until you become confident with every line of NCERT textbooks.

Your efforts need to have consistency.

Working like a bull one day and like a sloth the other day will not help much. Maintain a realistic and an approach worthy pace and take a sprint when it's needed.

Your confidence in yourself will bring you to threshold levels of focus needed for cracking entrance exam, so the odds are bound to be in your favor.


Message From Director And Head Of Academics


Snehaa Shankar

Director And Head Of Academics

The price of success is sustained hard work, unflinching desire, dedication and the determination. When you give your best effort, that is what makes you a winner. I always believe that each one of us can shine in whatever we undertake. Our faculty is there to mould your desire, dedication and determination to the path of success. To ignite and inspire young minds, Krishna has a team of qualified and well trained faculty which hail from some of the recognised Academic Institutes and Universities. These eminent academicians are recruited after a grueling selection process and have to undergo a rigorous training which further sharpens their skills.

Whether you are a prospective student, a parent or someone interested in upcoming their knowledge base, we invite you to explore and take advantage of what we offer at Krishna Institute.