Krishna Institute
Shri Vari Complex, 36/1 1st Main Road,
Ramalinga Nagar, Woraiyur,
Trichy – 620003.

About Krishna

Preparing for NEET is not just about sitting in class and listening to lectures or making notes; The best learning happens when the student ask questions, when they struggle with a question and find their way to answer. Krishna Institute system designed to enable students to do that..

In addition to having thorough knowledge of all the factual information, you will need to apply your mind, expand your horizon, get out of your comfort zone, attempt as many questions as you can on the various topics, have your doubt cleared on regular basis.. that is the only way to push your scores higher and higher during NEET preparation.

Poised to be Kerala and Tamilnadu foremost coaching institute for medical entrances, Krishna institute Trichy have very high expectation of our students. We believe we can coach future doctors who will go on to be specialists and super – specialists in the field of medical science.

We have a very clear picture of where we want our students to reach. And we have the system, most importantly, the faculty to empower sincere, hardworking students achieve their goals.