Krishna Institute
Shri Vari Complex, 36/1 1st Main Road,
Ramalinga Nagar, Woraiyur,
Trichy – 620003.

Why Krishna..?


The moment you finish your board exams,you find yourself on the verge of a cross road and your questioning mind ask you about your future and which CAREER COURSE/COACHING INSTITUTE to join. krishna institute Trichy will bridge the gap between you and your dream.

Dreams and hope are two precious aspects of life.These two factors are the basic driving force for the possibility of new world. When we think about career,our dreams to became successful and meaningful,combined with the hopes of our parents, gives us the great purpose to work in specific direction.The next big thing in this journey is right guidance and intelligent mentoring.

A successful person always stand out of the crowd. What makes them noticeable?Their success. More importantly their unquie way to reach their destination.NEET is not a piece of cake.So,why to follow the normal way; Lets do something different! Something innovative!